Whitemammoth project

Philosophy The Whitemammoth (codename) project aim is to provide an online auction and transaction shopping website where people can buy and sell goods and services worldwide. The goal is to propose a free and non-commercial alternative to actual auction websites.



Suggested tools

Global information

First steps

Framework and database installation Please, first install Ruby on rails framework and PostgreSQL database.
Once installed, you can check your installation with ruby --version and rails --version command-lines.
You also need to know which PostgreSQL user login and password you can use.
RadRails and project Next, install RadRails and set up a new SVN respository (sourceforge link above).
Checkout the project (at this time, this is whitemammoth_dev).
The only thing you have to parameter is the database connexion. Open the file config/database.yml and change your own database access.
Then, open a console, place you in the project directory and execute the "magic" command : rake db:migrate
If this is the first installation or if you have made an update, you have to load fixtures (data tests) with this command : rake db:fixtures:load
If all these steps succeed, you can start the included webrick server with the another "magic" command : script/server
Open a browser at the url : http://localhost:3000

Action !


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